A vineyard on the Powys border is to join forces with a number of businesses in an effort to boost tourism and promote the local area.

Earlier this month, Kerry Vale Vineyard, near Montgomery, invited a group of local businesses to a wine tasting afternoon to sample their wine, and discuss ways of working together to boost rural tourism and ensure sustainable economic growth.

Kerry Vale Vineyard, an award-winning local wine producer, has taken a significant step towards fostering community spirit and economic growth by hosting a successful trade tasting event.

The event aimed to bring together local hospitality providers, offering them a chance to sample exquisite wines with the hope of featuring them in their establishments.


The afternoon gathering was more than just a wine tasting—it was a collaborative effort to strengthen rural tourism and promote sustainable economic growth.

Passionate advocates for the local area, vineyard owners Russell and Janet Cooke are committed to showcasing the Shropshire-Powys borderlands as an enticing holiday destination.

The Cookes have recently opened the Vineyard House as a holiday let, further contributing to the local tourism sector.

“Tourism is a vital economic driver for rural communities,” Russell Cooke said.

“By uniting with local businesses, we all stand to gain, which in turn, bolsters business opportunities for all.”

The event saw participation from a diverse group of local businesses, including a wine merchant, various accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes, and even a private travel firm interested in conducting local tours.

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This initiative is a testament to the community’s shared vision of promoting regional attractions and ensuring visitors have memorable experiences.

Paige Eades, from Marrington Escapes, added: “Kerry Vale Vineyard is a charming local attraction that our guests will undoubtedly enjoy when visiting Shropshire and beyond. The afternoon was a fantastic opportunity to foster local connections and spark collaborative ideas for future partnerships.”

Attendee Nicky Capner from Silver Service Executive Travel went on to say: “ We came away so excited about the prospect of building Kerry Vale Vineyard into our new Tour Adventure. We’re optimistic that this marks the start of long-term partnerships that will mutually enhance our businesses.”

Kerry Vale Vineyard is nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Shropshire-Powys borderlands. With a commitment to quality and community, the vineyard has become a beacon for local tourism and a symbol of collaborative economic development bringing in more than 1,000 visitors a year for its popular tour programme.

If you missed the event, but are interested in working with Kerry Vale Vineyard, call Nadine: 01588 620627 or email nadine@kerryvalevineyard.co.uk to arrange a bespoke wine tasting and tour of the vineyard.