A family of Powys-based farmers were shocked to discover that their cow had given birth to triplets.

Despite the odds of three calves being born at once being considered to be about one in 100,000, a family of farmers in Montgomeryshire were overjoyed to find a three calves born from the same cow on their farm at the weekend.

The Davies Family were shocked after their pedigree Welsh Black Cow had given birth to three healthy calves over weekend, between Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21.


The three heifer calves are sired by a Pedigree Welsh Black bull originating from the Morlais Herd near Hirwaen in South Wales, while the cow was purchased from the Eirian herd.

The cows were reportedly up on their feet quickly after being born and are all in a healthy condition after the extremely rare incident.

The Davies family said: “This was a big surprise and it is a very rare sight on a beef farm, but it was great to have three healthy heifer calves that where up on their feet quickly.”