A new business has opened in Welshpool town centre as the owners of a recently opened greengrocers have set up shop in town.

Having opened their doors on Monday, April 15, the owners of JOA Greengrocers are hoping to meet a demand for local fresh fruit and vegetables with their premises on Church Street.

Jake Burton, who owns and runs the business while his brother Sam is currently working behind the counter, spent a few years looking towards opening a shop and recently made that a reality.

County Times: Joa Greengrocers shop in Church Street, Welshpool.

Originally from Oswestry, Jake had spent a number of years making and delivering fruit and veg boxes to people in the area but had been looking for an ideal premises to start a high street greengrocer and deliveries.

He said: “Opening a shop has been on the cards for a few years but trying to find the ideal spot was getting in the way.

"This space became available at Christmas but after a few delays I assumed the opportunity had passed, only to be contacted in January and I signed the paperwork within the week.


“What ended up taking the most time was finding people to help set it up and get things moving. We actually made our own counter with the help of a local friend.”

Having opened, Mr Burton hopes that they can expand the business and what they stock based on the feedback from customers, even including a suggestion box for visitors to comment on what they would like to see.He added: It’s a bit of trial and error as we listen to what people want out of a local greengrocer.

“We’ve been planning and adding to the business as it goes and the longer we go the more we will improve. For example, what we need to stock and what people want to buy is something we’ll be looking to build on.

“Just yesterday we had three people asking if we stock fresh garlic so we’ll be brining that in. We also had requests for ginger that we are looking into.

“The local shops and local people have been absolutely amazing in their support. It’s fantastic and I think that’s because a high street greengrocer is really appreciated. As opposed to a big supermarket, there’s a real need for a shop you can walk to for fresh fruit and veg.”