Campaigners to keep the Welshpool Air Ambulance base open will be looking to challenge the closure via a judicial review.

The organisers of the campaign to save the base have said they will be looking at a legal challenge to the majority decision of the Welsh NHS’s Joint Commissioning Committee to close the Welshpool and Caernarfon bases and merge them at a new north Wales site.

One of the lead campaigners, Cynthia Duce, took aim at the consultation and said that they would be looking to challenge the decision.

“As you can imagine we are very, very disappointed with this morning’s outcome but we weren’t surprised to be truthful,” said Mrs Duce. 

“There has been no transparency or openness whatsoever as was promised.

“We feel that this decision has been made on inaccurate data and will be looking to do a Judicial Review.”


Mrs Duce also slammed the public engagement that has been run by Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner, Stephen Harrhy, which she said had ignored the public’s view.   

“The people of Mid Wales are very angry to the fact that Stephen Harrhy and his team never ever listened to the people of Mid Wales fears and feel that it was just a paper exercise from day one and a very costly one as he has gone with what the Wales Air Ambulance wanted all along.

“It just goes to show that the people of Mid Wales and North West Wales lives don’t matter the charity are quick enough to want our money but aren’t prepared to look after us when needed.”

In the public engagement run by Mr Harrhy they found that the most favoured option was to keep the bases open, yet the two options put forward both saw the bases being closed and merged at a new North Wales

“It seems that the charity since EMRTS came into the fold have completely lost their way,” added Mrs Duce. “It’s no longer a charity for the people of Wales, it’s a charity for glory, as they only seem to want to cater for the people of north east and south Wales.”