Powys County Council has refused grant planning permission for a number of affordable homes in the Machynlleth area.

A planning application seeking permission to build a house and detached garage on a plot in Commins Coch, near Machynlleth, which the applicants claim could lead to the development of more housing plots of a similar style, has been refused by the council.

The refusal represents is the second time the proposal has had a bid for planning permission denied despite some revisions to the plan, submitted by Machynlleth architects George and Tomos.

The revised application said: “The previous application was withdrawn due to concerns on three grounds, eligibility for affordable local needs housing, the size of the dwelling and highways concerns regarding road adoption.

"I can confirm that we have revised the size of the dwelling, completed the Tai Teg eligibility validation process and are in discussions with Self-Build Wales.”

The application also describes a meeting between the developers and Powys Highways Department, in which a representative proposed extending a section of road to serve the extra plot of land and create a turning.


The applicants felt that the extra cost of constructing an additional section of road would make the plot unviable.

They added: “I understand that the Highways Department may still raise an objection, however it is our view that on balance this is a good development will which facilitate Local Needs Housing on an infill site, which would otherwise remain vacant for the foreseeable future.

“The development would also allow the potential of developing a further two or three local needs affordable plots in the area. We are all aware of the current housing shortage and if approved this development will be the first new build affordable house in the area for a number of years, in fact as far as we are aware it would be one of the very few new houses built in the area in the last few years.”

Powys County Council ultimately disagreed, saying in their decision: “The application fails to demonstrate the applicant's eligibility and need for affordable housing, and their local connection. No evidence has been submitted to demonstrate the applicant's registration with Tai Teg, and thus the applicant's eligibility to occupy an affordable dwelling house.

“The development as proposed does not include any mechanism to secure the dwelling as affordable, for initial or subsequent occupiers. As such, the development is unacceptable in principle in accordance with the aims, objectives and requirements.”