A WELSHPOOL man has been fined more than £1,000, which includes compensation to police officers, after he was convicted of assaulting two of them at trial.

Daniel Stephens, 42, was charged with assaulting the Dyfed Powys Police officers on February 2, after they had been called to his home following a domestic-related call. 

Stephens became upset because police were called by a neighbour, who accused him of mistreating his son. He got so worked up that he was described as “frothing at the mouth”.

Stephens, of Bronwylfa Road, Welshpool, denied assaulting PC Charlotte Willis and PC Gareth Horton, but was convicted of both offences at trial in March.

Appearing for sentencing at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, April 9, prosecutor Helen Hall said Stephens became aggressive and belligerent towards both officers when they arrived at his home at around 6pm.


“A witness reported what was described as an unseemly incident,” said Ms Hall.

“PC Horton went to check neighbouring properties for footage and when he returned he heard shouting.

“PC Willis and the defendant were in the kitchen, the defendant was swearing and being belligerent and aggressive.

“He clenched his fists and grabbed PC Willis’ left arm. He was told not to touch her, was cautioned and told he was going to be arrested.

“He put his hands back into fists and banged them on a cupboard unit. PC Horton grabbed hold of him and went to apply handcuffs, with the defendant actively resisting.

“He said ‘Take them off’ and was frothing at the mouth, his face was red with anger. He was pushing against PC Horton and knocked a cupboard door off its hinges.”

The officers’ body worn cameras captured the incident, which was played in court. Stephens can be heard telling the officers he would calm down if they didn’t handcuff him, but they said they needed to contain him.

“PC Horton took out his Pava spray, pointed it and the defendant and told him to calm down,” said Ms Hall.

“He slammed into PC Willis, forcing her into a wall and she struck her head. He took PC Horton’s radio off him and wrapped the cord round his hands.

“They grabbed his legs, lifted him up and took him to the floor. They put his jumper over his face to try and disorientate him.”

Further assistance arrived, yet they still struggled to put him to the floor. Ms Hall described it as a prolonged attack.

In a victim impact statement, PC Willis said: “I suffered multiple bruises, my limbs were black and blue a week later.”

Rob Hanratty, representing Stephens, said: “They received a call from a third party who said somebody else witnessed the defendant being rough with his son. This was wholly and completely inaccurate.

“They didn’t even speak to the witness, PC Horton spoke to a third party. They didn’t consult with the defendant and made a decision made to arrest him.

County Times:

“He gets red faced anyway as part of a health condition, and he erupted."

“He never once strikes out. The spitting incident is him pleading with them not to arrest him.”

Mr Hanratty added: “He has been a hard-working citizen for many years.

“There was no excuse for his obstructive attitude, but he was not trying to harm officers.”

Probation officer Julian Davies said: “Any injuries caused were not intentional. He felt he was defending himself. He was pepper sprayed in the face, he had it in his mouth, he was trying to talk and spit it out, it was not intentionally directed at officers.”

Stephens was told to comply with a 12-month community order, including completing 200 hours of unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation days.

He must pay £200 compensation to PC Horton and £300 to PC Willis, while he must also pay trial costs of £600, as well as a £114 surcharge – a total financial penalty of £1,214.