A community transport scheme in north Powys says they are in danger of closing due to a lack of volunteers.

The Community Car Scheme, which is run by the North Montgomeryshire Volunteer Bureau (NMVB), have announced that they are urgently in need of some new trustees.

The scheme provides transport for local people, allowing them to get to various kinds of appointments and activities throughout the area, who do not have easy access to transport of their own, helping them to continue with their independent living.

The volunteer bureau promotes volunteering and recruits volunteers in the North of Montgomeryshire to run initiatives, as well as advising potential volunteers on opportunities with organisations, groups and national charities.

As a registered charity, NMVB is overseen by a group of trustees and one or two more are needed to join the team to enable it to carry on the good work they do.

NMVB manager Sharon Baines said: “Without our volunteer drivers some people would just not be able to get out or to stay living independently.


“Being a trustee is an interesting and varied role and doesn’t take up a large amount of your time.”

Those interested in joining would be part of a team of volunteers and trustees overseeing the charity and making sure it runs smoothly, as well as ensuring it meets its legal and financial obligations.

However NMVB representatives added that such a role would not require any previous experience.

“Common sense and enthusiasm are the best attributes”, Ms Baines added. “There are opportunities to help with particular tasks such as admin, publicity, and attending events.”

Other transport services in Powys have faced similar issues in recent times, with a few also being forced to close due to a lack of resources.

In March 2024, Dyfi Valley Dial-a-Ride closed after over two decades of offering lifts and transport to people in the area.

Their manager Wendy Jones said: “We’ve lost some volunteers, for various reasons, over the past few years, which is one reason behind the scheme being more difficult to run. But a big reason is the general cost and the changing landscape around us.”

Anyone interested in volunteering with NMVB is encouraged to contact Ms Baines, either by email at Northmontgomeryshirevolcentre@outlook.com or by ringing 01938 554484.