As many new homes and housing projects are built across the UK every year, Powys is currently home to several projects at various stages of development.

Between housing projects in the planning stage, awaiting approval or currently under construction, there are several recent developments in various Powys towns and villages that are in the works in one form or another.

Here are some of the notable housing projects in Mid Wales that have recently been unveiled or recently received approval for the next stage of development.


Welshpool Former School Site

As of March 2024, Powys Council were searching for construction companies to tender for work in building 16 new bungalows at the former site of Gungrog Church in Wales Nursery and Infant School in Welshpool.

Having submitted an application to build the one and two-bedroom bungalows on the old school site in January, the proposal includes 12 one-bedroom bungalows as well as an additional four two-bedroom bungalows and has been in development since 2023.

Within the planning application, they said: “The proposed development presents an opportunity for Powys County Council to deliver much needed affordable housing provision in a highly sustainable brownfield location, on land north of Welshpool’s town centre.”




Seven houses near Welshpool

In October 2023, Powys Council approved plans by developers M.K.H. Holdings to build on land off Golfa Close, Middletown.

As well as the new homes, the proposal includes the creation of garages, installation of a package treatment plant, drainage basin and associated infrastructure.

The proposal was first submitted in 2021 and underwent several revisions and changes to gain approval, including amendments to the levels and kerbing, as well as the drainage layout plan.


Housing Estate in Churchstoke

A project comprising 45 homes which would include a 20 per cent contribution of affordable homes, next to Fir House in Churchstoke, was approved by Powys Council in April 2024.

The proposal was in development since 2016, running into problems has it had to make numerous amendments to the original plans.

Councillors on the Powys planning committee ultimately approved a three-year time limit extension to produce detailed plans to build the housing estate.

County Times: How the flats planned for the Robert Owen House site in Newtown could look.

Houses in Newtown

Powys County Council is currently in the process of building 32 one-bedroom flats on the site of the former Robert Owen House in the town.

With plans first submitted in April 2022, all of the new houses at the site will reportedly be affordable homes.