IF you saw a strange object or bright lights in the skies above Presteigne last week, there was no need to panic – as it was just a drone conducting a thermal imaging check of the local primary school.

Some residents in the Radnorshire town took to social media last Friday (May 10) after spotting a strange object in the night sky.

But Presteigne Primary School cleared up any confusion or settled any conspiracy theories when they explained the object was a drone being used as part of a survey on the building.


“Powys County Council is doing a survey of all school buildings, including Presteigne Primary School,” the school said in a post on its Facebook page on Thursday.

“As part of this, there will be a drone inspection of our roof and a thermal imaging check, tonight at around midnight.

“This is to let you know that if you see torches and/or red and green flashing lights, there is nothing to worry about. 

“We have been told that there should not be too much disturbance.

“Please spread the word if you know any of our neighbours in Slough Road or Castle Road who aren't on Facebook.”