A disabled Powys resident is in a battle to get basic repairs made to his house by the council -  which is leaving his property bitterly cold.

Roger Martin, 62, has been living in his home in Welshpool for over three years, but a problem with his doors has left his property cold. He has waited months for repairs to be made.

“The front door has dropped by around 33mm and the back door has an electronic lock which is locking in an odd position so there is this horrible draught,” said Roger.

“Before this it was nice and warm here. Now I need to wrap up all the time.

“As soon as you get a windy day at all the whole house just becomes a wind tunnel.”


Roger has a number of health conditions – he is an amputee, confined to a wheelchair and also suffers from asthma, heart conditions and COPD.

“I’ve been waiting since January to have repairs,” said Roger.

“I have had to chase up surveyors who didn’t even turn up until the end of March and they still won’t give me an answer on when the work is going to be done.

“I continually have to ring them and have had no answer.

“It’s like no one gives a damn about you. You live on a council estate – who cares?”

Roger has repeatedly become ill, with repeated colds, and is also hitting him in the pocket.

“This year I have spent over £400 on gas alone, I have a fixed income,” said Roger. “This is having both a financial and mental health impact on myself in this current cost of living crisis.”

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In response to an enquiry by the County Times, a spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “The council’s Housing Service is committed to providing an effective repairs and maintenance service to ensure high levels of resident satisfaction and to protect the value of its housing stock.

“Any tenant that is dissatisfied with the repair and maintenance service should contact the Housing Service so that they can look into the matter.

"To respect the privacy of residents and their homes, the council does not comment on individual circumstances.”