The son of a motorcyclist who had a serious accident in Powys has thanked the public and emergency services who came to his rescue.

Philip Barker had been touring Mid Wales with his father Andrew Barker, 70, a retired police officer, when Andrew had a serious accident on the A483 on Wednesday (April 24).

Philip said that after the accident members of the public rushed to help them.  

“A Tesco delivery driver, forestry worker and another motorist had stopped and called 999,” said Philip. “I would love the opportunity to thank everyone who helped

“A passing fire service car stopped, the police arrived and closed the road. The air ambulance crew arrived and took charge. Even the fire brigade where on hand to help move dad from the bottom of the embankment back up to the road.”

“I'm so grateful for the rapid response from all of the emergency services.”

County Times: Andrew Barker had been touring mid Wales with his son PhilipAndrew Barker had been touring mid Wales with his son Philip (Image: Philip Barker)

The pair had been on a tour of mid Wales and saw loads of the 'Save the Air Ambulance’ banners.

“I never imagined we would need them,” said Philip. “The arrival of the air ambulance was a huge relief when it arrived, knowing that dad had the best chance possible to get to the major trauma unit at Stoke Hospital quickly.


However, since the accident Philip found out about the vote that will see the Welshpool and Caernarfon bases being closed and moved to a site in north Wales.

“I’m shocked to learn that this vital service is at risk,” said Philip. “This is a vital service that must be retained.”

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Andrew was rushed to Stoke Hospital and has been severely injured but thankfully is expected to make a full recovery.

“Dad is currently in Stoke hospital,” said Philip. “He has a broken collar bone, broken ribs, punctured lung and is expected to take 12 weeks to recover.”

“Thank you so much to everyone for getting dad to A&E.”