The owner of a missing falcon is seeking help to find the bird of prey after several days after the animal went missing in the Powys area.

Duncan Batten, who lives near Forden, is on the lookout for Leo, his lanner falcon who has been missing since April 12.

He lost sight of the bird of prey during a regular flight when Leo reportedly went outside his usual circuit and flew in a straight line into the distance. Since then he has been appealing for anyone who spots the falcon to contact him as he believes Leo is still in the area and has been answering possible sightings.

He said: “There’s any number of reason a bird might fly out of their usual route, such as being spooked by another bird or simply deciding to go off and enjoy the open air only to be carried further than they expected by the wind.


“I’ve been out every day since went missing, responding to every possible site that he could be at based on some calls I’ve received."

The birds are usually native to Africa, parts of Asia, and southern Europe, and prey on smaller birds like pigeons.

“I don’t think he’s gone very far," Mr Batten added. "He will likely hang around farms, buildings and gardens as this is what he's used to. He's friendly and harmless.

“It’s not unprecedented for falconers to temporarily lose their birds. I once found a bird in this area belonging to another falconer after it went missing for a while. Most falconers are practised in the art of regularly flying them and will have experienced losing track of a bird in one way or another.

“Leo was wearing a GPS tag, but unfortunately it lost signal not long after he disappeared, which could be a fault with the battery or the tag itself.

“I’ve had some really positive sightings in Trewern and Buttington areas. He seems to be settled in this area and this is where I'd expect him to be. He has approached two people but sadly flew off and disappeared when he realised they weren't me.

“If you live, walk or work in these areas, please keep an extra eye out for an unusual friendly bird with straps on legs and a little bell.”

Mr Batten is encouraging anyone who spots Leo to call him on 07710 469665 and to get a picture if possible so he can confirm if it’s his bird.