A TESCO store in Powys has reopened this morning following a server fault that left checkout tills inoperable.

Shoppers at the supermarket giant’s Llandrindod Wells superstore were asked to vacate or turned away from the premises on Tuesday afternoon following the incident – although the store was quick to quell rumours that it had been hit by hackers, with a cyber attack ruled out.

The store was closed shortly after 3pm and remained close for the remainder of Tuesday. It reopened at around 10am this morning.  

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our Llandrindod Wells Superstore is now open as normal and welcoming customers back following a technical issue with our checkout system yesterday.


“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

A member of staff at the store told the County Times on Tuesday that the issue was a server error, which has affected all checkout tills.

“It’s not a cyber attack. The server’s gone down so all the tills have gone off and there are currently no customers in store, and it has been shut,” said the spokesperson.

“People are on the way here to fix it. We have no idea how long it will remain closed for, but it will remain closed until we get someone in to fix the issue.”

Two separate posts appeared on the popular Llandrindod Solutions Facebook page, reporting the closure, with some suspecting a cyber attack.

One customer who’d been at the Waterloo Road store said a cyber attack had been mentioned to them by a security guard.

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One shopper posted: “Tesco’s tills have all gone down and they are turning people away at the door. They are preparing to close the store.

“I was the last one out. They are trying to get the system back up and running but, for now, it’s closed.”

People reported that the store had been cordoned off, including the on-site petrol station.