HEALTH and safety issues surrounding large vehicles manoeuvring near a children’s play area continue to plague a Llandrindod Wells beauty spot and has prompted town councillors to seek the views of local residents.

The issue stems from increased congestion around Llandrindod Lake since the local authority introduced a new one-way traffic system over lockdown.

Having been besieged by complaints for over three years, Llandrindod Wells Town Council has decided to act.

“The town council has received significant contact from residents regarding the layout of the road system at the Lake Park and concern over health and safety issues in relation to large vehicles (lorries, coaches and motor homes reversing by the children's play area),” said the council on its Facebook page this week.


“We are seeking the views of residents to give the town council a mandate to enable future discussions with Powys County Council on this matter.”

Minutes from a town council meeting were brought to light in September 2021, showing that it had been inundated with complaints from residents about the new traffic system.

Issues include the “significant” growth of traffic and speed of vehicles in the area; an increased presence of parked cars which is leading to congestion and difficulties for turning traffic, especially large vehicles such as coaches and caravans; as well as “many complaints” over camper vans illegally parking overnight, and the rubbish left by their owners, which has attracted rats.

At their August 2021 meeting, Llandrindod Town Council said it would send a letter to Powys County Council to discuss their concerns and those of local residents – with a suggestion that the one-way system should even be scrapped.

“This forms a significant risk to health and safety, particularly as this is a recreational area with lots of families and young children regularly accessing the play parks,” Councillor Jamie Jones had said.

“Vehicles have also been seen driving the wrong way on the one-way system, including caravans.”

The one-way system came into existence in Llandrindod sometime after the first Covid-19 lockdown was introduced by the UK Government, in March 2020.

You can fill in the town council’s survey at or visit the town council’s Facebook page.