A young man from Newtown who found himself addicted to drugs after getting into "the wrong crowd" has been given one last chance by a court to change his life.

Mason Cartwright, aged 22, was given an intensive 18-month community order for numerous offences including 10 counts of theft from Tesco and Spar, and running away from police after breaching his bail conditions.

Welshpool Magistrates' Court was told that Police Constable Price removed Cartwright from a taxi in Maesyrhandir during the early hours of January 6 after he was suspected of breaching his curfew.  While other police officers arrived at the scene, Cartwright ran off into the housing estate.

Officers then went to The Bell Hotel in Newtown where Cartwright should have been during his curfew, but he wasn't there. He was arrested the following day and charged.

Cartwright had also been caught on CCTV at Tesco and Spar stealing food, drink and electronic items between October and December last year. He pleaded guilty to all 10 offences.

Owain Jones, representing Cartwright, said the 22-year-old's appearance had "drastically changed" for the better since he was last in court in January.


"He's put on weight; he looks healthier and he's in a happier situation now that he resides with his mother.

"He’s been immature, dependant on drugs and he’s been having to adopt to a situation of homelessness partly because his mum has had to consider other people in the household and the negative impacts.

"He resorted to stealing food and that’s the way he’s adopted which is unfortunate. He was given accommodation and perhaps that led him to other people who had a negative impact on him, and he kept on stealing.

"There was an attack where he was the victim. He failed to attend court because he didn’t want to go outside of the house; he was effectively a recluse. He was picked up and welcomed back home. Positive steps have been taken since then.

"Although he’s been immature, he acknowledges how foolish he’s been and how ashamed he is. The early guilty pleas are an indication of his genuine remorse."

County Times:

Chair of the magistrates' bench Stephen Pembroke reminded Cartwright of his appearances in the youth court, adding "you were there to stop getting into adult court, it quite clearly hasn’t worked".

Cartwright, of Newtown, was ordered to complete a 12-month drug rehabilitation course, 15 rehabilitation requirement days to manage his ADHD and 50 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay a total of £636 which includes compensation to Spar and Tesco.

Mr Pembroke said: "We see this as your final chance at rehabilitation. This is your time to buckle down and get on with it.

"This is your chance, a huge chance. Your life is at a crossroad. If you go out and blow it, you’ll be back here again.”