A CHILDREN’S nursery showed solidarity with Powys farmers who have joined thousands from Wales today descending on Cardiff to protest against environmental subsidy plans.

Farmers from across Wales have travelled down to the capital, where they have gathered on the steps of the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, accusing the Welsh Government of turning its back on the countryside.

They are opposed to new Sustainable Farming Scheme plans demanding farmers commit to having trees on 10 per cent of their land, and wildlife habitat on 10 per cent, in order to access the scheme and its subsidies.


Country Kids Childcare in Builth Wells has been helping to raise awareness of the plight of local farmers and their importance to the local community and wider Powys economy.

“Country Kids by name Country Kids by nature,” said a nursery spokesperson.

“As a rural business we’re proudly standing with the farmers as they travel to Cardiff to the Senedd to protest against the proposed changes.”

Nursery children and staff posed for a picture outside their premises, located at Builth Cricket Club, beside a New Holland tractor lent to them by a local farmer. Pinned to the tractor was a banner that read ‘No Farmers No Food’.

“As a nursery we’re teaching our children the importance of farmers, where their food comes from and how nutritious foods help us grow,” added a Country Kids spokesperson.

“Huge thank you to Penmaenau Farm for providing this beauty of a tractor to help us raise awareness. The children have LOVED having it parked outside.”

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Tractors flooded the Welsh capital on Wednesday, as farmers flocked to the Senedd, where protests began around midday.

Police have warned motorists to expect delays around the Welsh capital, and given farmers demonstrating in their tractors a strict route to follow.

Unions have branded the plans “unworkable” and say that farmers feel ignored. The Welsh Government argues that the scheme, which is under consultation, is designed to support all farmers.