Plans for three new houses in Llanfair Caereinion have made progress, years after initially being submitted.

An application for planning permission to erect three dwellings on Broncafnent Lane at Llanfair Caereinion, which was first approved in July 2020, could be moving ahead following a stalemate over one of the houses being classed as affordable.

In February 2023, Powys County Council approved changes to the appearance, layout, landscaping and scale of the proposal, to bring one of the houses in line with the conditions from the planning permission given to the site that one of them be an “affordable” home.

The original planning application for the proposal said: “It is proposed that the initial phase of development shall comprise two storey dwellings with materials and finish that respect the local context in accordance with residential design guidance for Llanfair Caereinion.

“In preparing this design statement and associated documentation we have endeavoured to show that every reasonable effort has been taken to comply with the requirements and the advice of the Local Planning Authority and Local Highways Authority and that the outline planning application as presented is strongly supportive of national and local policy and guidance and delivers significant planning gain.”


In 2023, Nigel Griffiths lodged an appeal with the Welsh Government’s Planning and Environment Decisions Wales after Powys planning officers refused his application to remove the conditions relating to including an affordable home from the planning permission given to the site.

However, the council refused, with planning lead Peter Morris, saying: “Removing the conditions would result in a development that would fail to make provision for affordable housing on an allocated housing site in the Local Development Plan."

The delegated decision regarding planning permission over the revised design says: “The application proposes the three dwellings to be of two different designs.

“House Type 1 will be two detached split level properties measuring 9.2m in depth x 11.4m in width, with an overall floorspace of 168 square metres. House Type 2 will measure 9.7m in width and 6.2m in depth, with an internal floorspace of 100 square metres.

“House Type 2 therefore complies with the size limitations of affordable housing and would not therefore prejudice the ability to comply with conditions.”