The mum of a child with additional learning needs has told of her years-long battle with Powys County Council to get the support she needs.

Emma Dyos from Tregynon says getting help for her daughter Tia, nine, has taken nearly seven years despite backing from schools and specialists.

Tia who has ASD (autism) and ADHD also has verbal development challenges. She was non-verbal to the age of six and can find mainstream classrooms challenging.

“She is particularly sensitive to certain sensory things – noise in particular she wears ear defenders because she can’t cope,” said Emma.

“A classroom of 30 children for Tia would be like she was in a war zone – it would be surrounding her and consuming her to the point where she can’t cope anymore.

“Then she has these violent outbursts where she will start to swear and scream because she just can’t cope.”

County Times: Tia Dyos' mum Emma has been in a battle with Powys County Council for years to get her daughter the help she needsTia Dyos' mum Emma has been in a battle with Powys County Council for years to get her daughter the help she needs (Image: Emma Dyos)

Emma says Tia’s current school has been “fantastic” but does not have the resources to deal with Tia’s needs.

She has been applying to the council for more resources or to have Tia moved to a more specialised school but her applications have been refused twice.


Emma has only just had help granted a new funding status after she threatened to take legal action, despite the school backing her and assessors from Cedewain School saying Tia needed extra support. A school place has yet to be officially granted.

“I believe if she had the support in place back in 2019 she would be in a different place, early intervention is crucial,” said Emma.

“I had the same fight with my son he is 13, he has autism and was very quiet. He was sent to a mainstream high school where he was bullied and I had to remove him.

“There is a huge issue in Powys. I have friends who have moved to Shropshire and have been given everything they need for their kids in six months.”

County Times:

More recently, Tia has been removed from Powys school transport leading to further complications.

“She finds the bus journey too much and has had outbursts swearing at young children,” said Emma. “I was confronted by four mums the other morning saying she shouldn’t be allowed on the bus, which was really upsetting.

“It is affecting her, it is affecting the other children. She can’t go on school trips unless I am able to go with her.

“My daughter breaks down every morning, she doesn’t want to go to school, she can’t cope. She says things like ‘school is really hard for Tia mummy” and will be in tears.”

Emma will now have to drive Tia to and from school, putting strain on Emma’s working life.

“I’ve got to get my employer to try and agree to that I have to start later and finish early and there is a financial impact from that,” said Emma. “Powys already has one of the lowest rates of pay in the country.

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“Some employers are really understanding and some that aren’t. I lose a job about every six months because they get fed up that I get called to the school all the time.

“It’s hit the point when I am applying people are asking why am I leaving so quickly.”

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “The council does not comment individual cases to respect the privacy of the learner.

"However, the council will work with the learner along with their parents, school and other agencies to plan, implement and review any additional support or provision if it is needed.”