Powys residents who could soon be living near up to 26 wind turbines are split over the future of the area amid plans for structures that could be twice the height of Big Ben.

At least 40 residents, landowners and businessowners living around Staylittle gathered on Tuesday evening (February 20) to share their views about Bute Energy’s proposal to build a wind farm called Esgair Galed on uplands between Llyn Clywedog and Glaslyn.

A farmer who also runs a tourism business in the area told his neighbours that Bute Energy’s offer to install the 220-metre-high turbines on his land would financially protect his children’s future.

“We're part of the development and we've been invited to take part,” he said.

Planned windfarms and pylons in Powys. Graphic: Newsquest.

“We haven't gone looking for it so please be patient with us because we're here and all my family has been here for generations.

"For us, I've got a small farm and it's survival for me. Agriculture is going downhill and this is for my kids' future. Just be fair with the landowners because we haven't asked for this."


A resident who runs a B&B in the area said her business would be “ruined” if at least five turbines are installed nearby.

"I love living in a farming environment,” she said. “I appreciate that I've moved into this community but it is going to ruin my business and my children's inheritance.

"I'm the opposite end of the spectrum and I'm really sorry because I don't want to fall out with anybody.

"There are two ends of the spectrum here and we have personally had Bute come to visit us because they realised what an effect it will have on our business.“

County Times: Resident Jasmine George.Resident Jasmine George. (Image: Anwen Parry/County Times)

Another resident, Jasmine George, told the meeting that the area should be protected and treasured adding that the wind turbines should not be built there.

"We give you an adamant and utterly firm 'no' to any plan that aims to destroy the beauty and integrity of the uplands of Wales forever," she said on behalf of residents opposed to the scheme.

"In point of fact, it is an outrage even to consider such a vile scheme and cynically ignore the effect such massive destruction would have on the livelihoods, properties and quality of life of the residents of this area, bird, animal and human. The very idea is outrageous."

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Local county councillor Gary Mitchell, who arranged the meeting to gather views, said: “We know it's a challenge. We are a community with different interests, but it is a living, working community.

"I'm very grateful for landowners for coming because otherwise it's a very one-sided argument."

Two public meetings have been arranged by Bute Energy at Aberhosan Village Hall on Monday (February 26) and Staylittle Village Hall on Tuesday (February 27) from 2.30pm to 7pm. Public feedback must be received by Bute Energy by no later than Thursday, March 7.