Powys has been revealed to be one of the top 10 best places places in the UK to survive a zombie apocalypse.

In an unusual study conducted by JeffBet they compared thirteen different metrics across each UK region and compiled them into an index, including population density and the availability of useful survival resources, revealing the UK areas that are the best and worst for surviving an apocalypse.

To evaluate the availability of food and water, the study compared the number of freshwater lakes, supermarkets, and grocery shops, as well as the amount of hunting, fishing, and outdoor supply stores.

 But survival goes beyond just food and water, which is why the study also compared hardware stores, garages, medical centres, and other valuable amenities to identify where has the most survival supplies. 


Powys came in tenth in the list and was praised for “its vast expanse of picturesque farmland, rolling hills, and meandering streams” which “make it an ideal location for living off the land.”

This was rated second only to Gwynedd in Wales in sixth place. The top spot was picked up by the Scottish Highlands.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from JeffBet said: "It's fascinating to discover which parts of the UK offer the best shot at survival during an apocalypse, with less populated areas and abundant natural resources coming out on top.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't look good for those living in London or any other busy UK city. It seems opting for quieter, more remote locations might offer a better chance of survival."

This was borne out by the worst performing areas - which were Lewisham in South East London followed by Tower Hamlets and Newham.