Governors at a Powys Primary school that is set to close have hit out at “disinformation in the community”.

Governors at Llangedwyn CIW School have defended their decision not to challenge the latest closure attempt saying they had done so “very reluctantly” and slammed accusations that they had wanted the school closed.

In a statement the governors said they were saddened that “some individuals and groups have chosen to spread disinformation in the community”.

“They have been suggesting that the governors are responsible for the demise of the school.

“This is not only untrue but is very hurtful to the dedicated volunteers who have supported the school for many years.

The school’s governors said they had decided to address these concerns in “a professional and measured way” but said “it is now clear that the theory being promoted is based on a complete lack of understanding of how schools are managed.”

“It is a pity that these groups and individuals did not engage with the governors before they chose to undermine the Governing Body and Headteacher in such a public way.”


They added that the governors had repeatedly resisted attempts by Powys County Council to close the school but said “a new funding formula which punishes small schools has made the fate of Llangedwyn School almost inevitable – with seven children left in the school and a predicted budget shortfall of over £180,000, the school is simply not sustainable.”

“It is almost impossible to deliver the National Curriculum and provide an excellent education with so few pupils. The rapidly worsening funding situation means that staffing levels are unsustainable.”

The Governors paid tribute to staff at the school and said: “The leadership and staff of the school have faced enormous challenges over the years. These include changes in leadership, reducing budgets and COVID. They are truly amazing people and they have always put the interests of the children first.

“The Governing Body would like to say a big thank you to the vast majority of the community who have been supportive of the school during this incredibly difficult time.

“As a Governing Body we are devastated to may be losing our wonderful school and we really want to spend all the time the school has left in celebrating its rich heritage, countless contributions to the community,  the Tanat Valley and beyond. We will be inviting the community and past pupils to celebrate with us in due course.”