A block of public toilets in Welshpool could be fenced off due to safety concerns with the state of the building.

At a meeting of Welshpool Town Council’s services and property committee on Wednesday, February 21, the council raised the issue of Berriew Street’s public toilets, which have been under the ownership of Welshpool Town Council following an asset transfer from Powys County Council.

Amid discussions over the condition of the building and a plan of action, finance officer Vanessa Voysey suggested the building urgently needed to be surrounded by fencing as a safety measure.

The council also discussed the possibility of transferring the building back to Powys County Council, who have first refusal in the sale of the facilities, but noted the possibility that it is unlikely to re-open.

Cllr Phil Pritchard said: “I think Powys County Council will likely refuse to take it back, even though I personally believe the obligation of supplying public toilets to towns should be with them.

"At the end of the day we should decide either to make something of these facilities or simply get rid of them.


“If it goes back to Powys County Council I imagine they won’t open them as toilets again. They’ve closed toilets in other areas and as there are now several towns in Powys, such as Machynlleth, with no public toilets because there’s a lack of funds. I agree in terms of fencing it off.”

Cllr Phil Owen added: “If it’s in a dangerous state it should be sealed off.

"If Powys County Council don’t take it and we want to use it or sell it, I think that would be pretty hard, as change of use planning applications and so forth are a complex process, so they are notoriously difficult to do anything with.”

Cllr Nick Howells also noted that, among other things, the building’s foundations are reportedly in need of underpinning, a process he said costs “an absolute fortune” based on previous experience.

The committee agreed to look into purchasing some fencing to place around the toilet block.