Welshpool Town Council has raised concerns about safety at the town’s motte and bailey castle ahead of a potential collaboration with Cadw at the historic site.

At a meeting of the council’s services and property committee, on Wednesday, February 21, the council received a report from the town’s operations manager Paul McGrath on progress about tree safety at the site.

He told the council that action is required in the form of a tree safety survey ahead of any potential projects at the historic site.

This follows Cadw expressing an interest in collaborating with the town council over the future of the motte and bailey site, but Mr McGrath warned the council that before any work can be carried out, a survey on tree safety and risk assessment must be carried out.

Town mayor, Cllr Nick Howells, was keen for the risk assessment to be undertaken, saying: “Tree safety is required under the law and it must be carried out so we know what work we can do at the site later down the line.


“I was heavily involved with tree safety in my old role, so I can say with certainty that with incidents involving trees there are thorough investigations.

"Tree safety management paperwork has to be in place otherwise you are likely to face a prosecution in the event of an injury or accident related to trees.”

The council also noted that it is currently looking at a period of time before any work can be carried out, so as not to interrupt the nesting season, leaving them until September to do preliminary surveys at the site.

Mr McGrath added: “We have got until September to do something, but the survey is the first port of call.

"Cadw have expressed an interest in assisting us but they want a survey done before they have any involvement so this has to be done.”

Cllr Alison Davies proposed that the assessment be conducted as a matter of urgency, which was unanimously approved by the committee.