A POWYS primary school has an amazing display outside the gates for everyone to see this month – a crisp-packet eating clown fish.

Meet ‘Coral’, Newbridge-on-Wye Primary School’s latest project to help save the environment. Coral is an iron framed recycle container on loan from the British Ironwork Centre for the entire month of February.

Village residents are invited to save their crisp packets for the month and pop them in Coral.

“We have Coral, the British Ironwork Centre’s eco-clown fish for the month of February, filling her full of empty crisp packets to help reduce waste entering our environment, and eventually our oceans,” said the school.


“With fish and ocean mammals living in increasingly deteriorating habitats, it is our duty to step in and prioritise the reduction of plastics entering our natural world.

“We’ve already reached over 1,000 packets but we need more. Bring your crisp packets to put in Coral who is located on our front yard.

“The collected packets will be donated to organisations who can put them to good use, for instance, turning them into survival blankets for the homeless, as well as many other things.”