The new owners of Maesmawr Hall in Powys have said that everyone has been “very welcoming” as they take on the running of the historic venue - and plan for its long-term future.

Lisa and John Brant, who run a successful retreat in Spain, have acquired the hall after the previous owner John Garner retired.

The couple became the new owners at the beginning of this month and are excited to start running the popular venue at Caersws.

“We always wanted to have a place in the UK,” said Lisa. “My family are only a couple of hours north and John’s are only a couple of hours south.”

“We saw Maesmawr Hall and it is such a gorgeous place the location is so wonderful we thought it would make a really great centre.”

The couple have run the very successful health retreat, La Crisalida Wellness, on the Costa Blanca in Spain which has received rave reviews – winning the coveted Tripadvisor travellers choice award for the last three years as well as a double certificates of excellence.


​“In Spain we get people coming all over,” said Lisa “From all over northern Europe, from Australia, from the United States.

“We know there is a lot of people in the UK who enjoy yoga, meditation, exercise classes, workshops, life makeover – there is a big call for that.

“Given the building and the history, I think people will love coming here. We always do walks and outdoor and we think that is going to be a big part of it.”

Whilst the couple will look to change the business into more of a health and wellbeing retreat they have said this will be over a long period of time and that no big changes are likely to happen until towards the end of this year.

“The retreat in Spain is plant based just lots of fruits vegetables whole grains, really good healthy stuff, but the hotel is the hotel, and it will still function as that. We’ve got specials on still and Sunday lunches,” said Lisa.

“We’re looking to carry on with things as they are with weddings being booked right up until November.”

The couple were also full of praise for previous owner John Garner who had “been round every day to help” them settle in even though he is now set for retirement.

“We’re really excited to be here. The team are wonderful - they’re very enthusiastic and they know what they are doing and they are very professional,” said Lisa. “Everyone has been very welcoming.”

The couple have said that they hope that their previous decade long experience in Spain can help not just build the business but the entire local area.

“That was our first foray into business,” added Lisa. “I’m an epidemiologist and John was an actuary. But I have picked up all sorts – I am a yoga teacher and a meditation teacher.

“Hopefully if we can bring people in from a wider area it can have a positive knock on effect to the local area and other local businesses which is what happened in Spain. We always try to work with local businesses for different things.”