A POWYS man has been resentenced after breaching a court order he received last year for stealing, joyriding and then abandoning his aunt’s car.

Dominic Owen Grant was handed a community order, which included doing unpaid work, in April 2023, after taking his aunt’s BMW for a spin in Welshpool to clear his head in December 2022.

Welshpool Magistrates’ heard on Tuesday, February 6, that the 25-year-old had breached the community order by failing to attend an unpaid work appointment in July and a planned probation appointment in August.

Grant, of Castle Walk, Welshpool, admitted the breach at last week’s hearing.


The court was told Grant had been struggling with a drug habit, which had resulted in him being forced out of the family home and losing his job.

Probation officer Julian Davies said there had been an initial breach of the order in June last year, which had resulted in 20 more hours of unpaid work being added.

“A final warning was issued for the July incident and then a breach letter was sent for the August incident,” said Mr Davies.

“There has been some reliance and a resistance to comply with the unpaid work, and also with providing accommodation details to his supervising officer.

“He has since completed 24-and-a-half hours of unpaid work and attended three office appointments. He does appear more motivated than I’ve seen him.

“He has moved back in with mum, and while he is no longer working he is looking to reengage and address his drug issues.”

Owain Jones, representing Grant, said: “I have gone through the breach report and challenged him, especially about his resistance.

“He explains to me that in his mind the questions (he was asked) were not their (probation) business, it was private.

“He was shying away from some deep-rooted issues and his embarrassment.

“He has been struggling with a drug habit that probation didn’t know about. It forced him out of home and he lost his job as a result.

County Times:

“But he has seen the error of his ways; he has now gone back home, on the provision he deals with the drug issues.

“He finds this deeply embarrassing and he has asked for help with (drug and alcohol charity) Kaleidoscope. This is a clear indication of a change in attitude. He knows there will be no more chances.”

Magistrates revoked the original order and imposed a new 12-month one. It will include 24 rehabilitation activity days and 40 hours of unpaid work. He will also pay £60 costs for the breach.