A zero-rated Powys Fish and Chip shop was rebuked after it was found storing kebab meat in a potato bag and to be heating its food improperly.

Montgomery Fish Bar was given a zero rating by inspectors from the Food Standards Agency after they found concerns including improperly stored kebab meat and pies being reheated to less than room temperature.

Inspectors during their visit found “the doner meat was being stored in a paper potato bag in the freezer” they said that this “must stop with immediate effect” as the bag would be “contaminated with soil”.

This appears to have led to an incident with the inspectors, who were informed the kebab meat had been binned.

They added: “I moved the numerous bags of rice and flour from the top of the freezer in the potato room and the Doner Kebab in the paper bag was found.

“You blatantly lied and tried to mislead officers conducting an inspection.”


Another concern centred on the reheating of foods.

Inspectors found that sausages were being kept warm at 30°C, when they are meant to be kept at least 63°C and noted that “it was obvious” that the probe thermometer hadn’t been used.

They found pies were being reheated in the hot holding cabinet above the fryer, which was just 11°C and the manufacturer stated that they needed to be warmed to “at least 75°C”.

Inspectors added: “The standard of cleaning to the structure of the potato room was generally poor.

“The washing machine is not connected to drainage, so would release dirty water to the floor of the potato room.

“The windowsill in the potato room is rotten and pieces were falling off this may result in physical contamination of foods and it cannot be effectively cleaned.”

They also found “the staff WC compartment was dirty,” “the seat to the staff WC seat was absorbent” and that “there was no hot water to the wash hand basin in the staff WC”.

On top of this concerns were raised over the safety of the equipment at the shop. Inspectors said: “Every employer is required to ensure that gas appliances such as cookers, flues, pipework and safety devices are maintained in a safe condition.

They should be inspected by a competent person – there was no evidence that such appliances, etc had been maintained, e.g., copy of Gas Safety Certificate.

“If appliances have not been tested, then arrangements must be made to carry this out.”

In a final rebuke, inspectors said: “It was apparent during my inspection that your level of food hygiene awareness was inadequate. You have a Level 2 & Level 3 Food Hygiene certificate but you demonstrated little understanding of the food safety hazards associated with your business.

“You must improve your Food safety and hygiene knowledge as a matter of urgency.”