THE Radnorshire Wildlife Trust (RWT) has raised £1.5 million to secure a farm site near Llandrindod Wells, where it has launched an ambitious eco-project.

The trust bought the 164-acre Pentwyn Farm in Llanbister Road in 2021 and launched its ‘A Wilder Pentwyn Appeal’ – aimed at helping breathe new life into the Radnorshire upland.

The site was bought thanks to a £1.5m loan from a group of philanthropic lenders, led by Julia Davies of 'We Have The Power', operating as part of the Funding Nature project.

The RWT has a 30-year vision for a Pentwyn, to develop the land and work with communities and landowners to help nature recover.

RWT laid out its ambitions for the site in a 30-year vision that aims to transform the landscape into a thriving oasis teeming with wildlife.

“Wilder Pentwyn Farm was a big step for (the) Radnorshire Wildlife Trust,” said RWT CEO James Hitchcock.

“We took a risk and tried something new; our conviction in the idea and the need for a site that aims to show leadership around changes that can be made for nature and climate on farmland in Wales, while starting conversations around extensive management, the next phase of diversification, local economy and supply and what we mean when we think about productive land has been proven.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the support and interest we have received for the farm. Thank you to everyone that has donated or supported us.

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“The completion of the appeal is a landmark achievement for us and we are excited for the future opportunities the farm purchase opens up for other projects in Wales, as well as the work Pentwyn will enable us to do.

“Now the loan is repaid, we can focus our full efforts on delivering the vision and turning that into a reality. "


“We have work planned for this winter, which kickstarts habitat creation, building on the extensive grazing we now have in place from ponies, pigs and cattle.”

The recent sale of the farmhouse on the land played a pivotal role in securing the final amounts needed to complete the appeal.

Work on-site has already commenced, featuring tenants Lisa and John Sture, who are aiming to establish a market garden, along with the Wilder Pentwyn Project, funded by the National Lottery that began work in 2023.

James said that any additional funds raised from here will be reinvested into further restoration and habitat creation on-site. The RWT already has around £60,000 for habitat works, including continuous cover forestry and phased removal of conifer, pond and pool creation.

County Times:  The site was bought thanks to a generous £1.5m loan provided by a group of philanthropic lenders. The site was bought thanks to a generous £1.5m loan provided by a group of philanthropic lenders.

“The RWT has justified my faith in them many times over in the care and professionalism they have applied to planning and managing the recovery of nature on the site in a manner that takes account of the proud heritage of the Welsh farming community and ensuring that food is still produced on the land alongside making space for wildlife to thrive," said Julia Davies.

The RWT is inviting individuals passionate about wildlife conservation to become members. Membership, starting at just £30 a year, is crucial for supporting ongoing initiatives and the realisation of ambitious projects like Pentwyn.

To find out more about the appeal or becoming a member, visit