A Powys food van that had rodents and a rotten wooden structure has received a zero food hygiene rating.

Davidjan Snackfoods based in the Ystradgynlais area was berated by inspectors for multiple failures and had to voluntarily close to “remove imminent risk”.

Inspectors from the Food Standards Agency found during their visit a number of serious issues. This included “evidence of pest activity” such as droppings and signs of chewed items on the premises.

They added: “Evidence of pest access into the structure was evident during my visit (including gnawed holes/access points – such as holes and gaps underneath the grill florring and storage cupboards)

“Such pests pose a significant contamination risk to food safety in all food premises – and as such you agreed to voluntarily close the premises in full until works were undertaken to remove the imminent risk.”

Structural issues were also found in the premises with a wooden ceiling panel above a leaking water boiler having gone rotten and in need of replacement.

Issues of cleanliness were repeatedly brought up by inspectors, this included the hand wash basin being “very greasy” and bowls that were used for hand washing and washing equipment were described as “extremely dirty”.


The seal on the refrigerator door was found not to be working properly and therefore had become “mouldy”.

Inspectors also observed that there was only one chopping board which was used for both raw and pre-cooked food, which exposed the food “to a risk of contamination”.

Concerns were also raised about a lack of hand washing - which was not taking place between handling cash and food preparation - both raw and pre-cooked.

Inspectors added: “Regular handwashing is important for personal cleanliness. Persons handling food need to wash their hands before starting to handle food and then regularly afterwards, particularly after handling raw foods, handling waste after smoking and taking a break etc.”

They also found that at the time of the visit the windows were dirty as was the floor and the floor junctions and the door. Inspectors even noted that the shelves and food cupboards were “dirty and greasy”.