A LLANDRINDOD Wells man threatened to physically harm supermarket staff who refused to serve him and his partner alcohol.

William George Davies, 53, had initially pleaded not guilty to two charges, assault and threatening behaviour, relating to an incident at Tesco in Llandrindod on November 10 last year.

The case had been set down for a trial, but on the morning of that trial at Llandrindod Wells Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday, September 13, Davies pleaded guilty to an amended charge, one of threatening behaviour.


Prosecutor Suzanne Cartwright said the new offence related to Davies threatening staff members David Barratt and Paul Cawser and that the two previous charges would be dismissed.

“It was 9.15pm when police received a call from a Tesco shop assistant, reporting that a male was being disruptive,” said Ms Cartwright.

“The defendant had been with his partner to buy alcohol. They were seen by staff, who noted that the partner was not allowed to purchase alcohol from the store.

“David Barratt is the store manager and approached them with staff to explain why he was being refused sale.

“The defendant became angry, squaring up to him. Mr Barratt said he could feel his breath on his skin. The defendant told him ‘I’m going to take you outside’ and he began throwing threats around to all staff.

“Mr Kauser was working as a duty manager. He recognised them both. The defendant told him ‘Wait until you go outside, I’m going to sort you out’.

“He was described as lashing out and swinging his arms towards others. This was captured on CCTV.”

Davies was arrested and provided a prepared statement when interviewed by police and answered no comment.

“He said he had been to the pub but only had one-and-a-half pints,” said Ms Cartwright.

“He had been in Tesco earlier in the day and had left some tobacco there; staff had said to him they would keep it, but then they had no knowledge of it when he returned.

“He felt he and his partner were being discriminated due to their pasts. He said ‘At no point did I make any threats of violence’.

“In a victim impact statement, Mr Barratt said ‘I have worked here 13 years and never had to deal with anyone so aggressive. I would like them banned for life’.”

Representing Davies, of Park Terrace, Llandrindod, Owain Jones said his client and partner had been annoyed as they’d been shopping in Tesco for many months prior to this without incident – and that he had only been banned when he first appeared in court.

County Times:

“He accepts the public order offence; he says he said things he now regrets,” said Mr Jones.

“It wasn’t a sustained incident, it was fairly brief. Most of the argument happened when the parties were separated by barriers, other times when chocolate and confectionary was in the way.

“How much distress was caused is debatable. Other witnesses didn’t make a statement because they weren’t distressed.

“He went back to the store the following day and has been shopping for many months without incident. He was only banned when he went to court and was bailed not to go there.

“He is remorseful and acknowledged his behaviour was untoward and wrong.”

Davies was fined £200 and ordered to pay £50 compensation to both Tesco staff members. He must also pay an £80 surcharge and £85 costs.