A new arrival on Welshpool’s high street will be opening its doors later this week as the business finishes setting up shop.

Barks and Bubbles, a dog grooming businesses formerly located in Castle Caereinion, has recently moved into its new premises on Church Street in Welshpool.

The business, headed by Sian Williams, is planning to open its doors on Sunday, September 17, after spending the week redecorating and moving everything in.

Ms Williams picked up the keys to her new business on Tuesday, September 12, having spent four years building her customer base from her old premises.

She said: “A shop in a town like Welshpool is such a massive step up for my business. I’ve gone from running the operation out of a garage to a professional shop in the middle of town. It makes a big difference.

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“It was a stressful experience setting up in Castle Caereinion but I think in the long run it was the best start I could have asked for.

“Being quite a little village, it was a bit disconnected from more built up areas but I didn’t face any trouble reaching people and finding regular clients. At the same time I wasn’t overwhelmed with business, which is good as I was starting out and learning as I went along.

“I have plenty of regular customers who have already booked an appointment for when we are up and running since they have been waiting for me to come back.

“The process of finding a new home and moving in has been stressful, but I’ve got a good support team. I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without them.”