WHO remembers the ‘Llandoddies’, of Llandrindod Wells, from years ago? Well, now the spa town’s lake has the ‘LlandyGonks’ watching over it.

Llandoddies were wooden figurines that appeared around Llandrindod Lake in the mid-2000s. Carved from local trees, they were said to be members of a tribe of ancient water keepers; a series of books were even written about them.

Now, local artist Davy Turner has created the LlandyGonks of Dragon Lake. The idea came about because Lakeside Boathouse owner Lee Percy wanted to create new children's characters for a walking trail around the lake and an accompanying booklet.

The LlandyGonks of Dragon Lake was launched by Turner, also known as Painterman Davy T or Davy The Old Gnome Ranger, on July 24.


“Remember the Llandoddies, well there are a new bunch of little guys at Llandrindod Lake this Summer, the LlandyGonks of Dragon Lake,” said Davy, from Franksbridge, near Hundred House.

“Lee, the owner of Lakeside Boathouse, asked me if he could create some characters for a kiddies trail around the lake this summer.

“Between us we came up with the LlandyGonks and a story about how they saved the wildlife and fish in the lake from the green algae.

“The idea was to base the story (only short) on the fact Lee had algae problems not long after the Covid lockdown. In the story the algae is caused by Ogi the Ogre washing his feet in the lake.

“Y Ddraig Las, the Blue lake dragon, sends for Dewin the LlandyGonks wizard to sort it out, which involves searching the stone circle deep in lake woods to find magic daffashrooms.

County Times:  One of the LlandyGonks of Dragon Lake One of the LlandyGonks of Dragon Lake (Image: None)

“I tested the story on local primary kids here in Franksbridge and got a great reaction. It’s been nice to help Lee, he puts such a lot into the Llandrindod community.

“The book is on sale at the boathouse and profits from sales go towards Llandrindod Community Events.”

The chronicles of the Llandoddies are told in a series of books, starting with 2006’s ‘The Grog Invasion’, a wonderfully illustrated book for children by David Bellamy under his pseudonym, Griswallt ap Llechitwyt.

The books tell the charming story of imaginary little people who live in the lake. They are tiny amphibious humanoids with some pretty strange capabilities, such as the ability to play a type of bagpipe under water.