A man from the Powys border has spent the last 20 years creating a spectacular set of trains out of pedal bins.

Vin Wardman, 91 has been creating the machines out of bins, aluminium plates and wooden panels during his retirement.

The trains are adapted to fit onto a mobility scooter to create spectacular moving vehicles, including carriages which are then decorated using vinyl from a local printer Steve Garner.

County Times:

Mr Wardman, who is originally from Lydbury North near Bishop's Castle, said he came up with the idea after seeing a more expensive version in a trade magazine.


“The bloke in there had the same as me, a mobility scooter and he had the kit in there to make it into a proper lorry which could use to ride around to shows,” said Mr Wardman.

“But it was over £1,800 each and you had to supply your own scooter and I thought I could make one of them for about £100.”

County Times:

Since then, Mr Wardman has made a whole host of vehicles in some cases taking him as little time as two months – these include the flying Scotsman, Thomas the Tank Engine and the Mallard – delighting people at local shows as well as his great grandchildren.

One of the vehicles has been named, Gabbi, as a tribute to a local medical professional who comes to help look after Mr Wardman’s wife.

“I am very proud of these,” said Mr Wardman. “If you turn the clock back 20 years, I would never have made any of these big ones at all.”  

The creations are made from reclaimed materials such as pedal bins, coffee pots or pieces of scrap metal but he has gone above and beyond for his latest creation – the Charles III coronation train which creates its own steam and has whistle sound effects.

County Times:

Mr Wardman previously worked as a plate layer on the Central Wales Line (now known as the Heart of Wales Line) for 20 years, before later going on to become a successful antiques dealer.

He has made his front garden of his present home in Craven Arms into a small display of his work with gypsy caravan, the yellow submarine and miniature railway with trains made from Pringle tubes.

Mr Wardman is open to offers for his creations and is still on the look out for another mobility scooter to allow him to show off more of his work.