Residents of a Powys town have been left “alarmed and upset” after suspected joyriders went on a late-night spree of vandalism.

Several residents in the Radnorshire town reported that their cars had been damaged or broken into during the incident, which was first reported late at night on Sunday, July 16, and carried on into the early hours of Monday morning.

Around 20-30 vehicles are believed to have been damaged during the chaos, while witnesses reported that one car was stolen and later crashed in the Townend area of town. One witness is said to have seen several alleged perpetrators running from the scene wearing masks.

Police have since confirmed a Ford Fiesta car was stolen and an investigation is under way.


“I was very alarmed to learn of several incidents of vandalism in Presteigne on Sunday evening,” said Presteigne county councillor Beverley Baynham, who returned to a chaotic welcome after returning from a holiday on Monday.

“Some car windows were smashed, wing mirrors torn off and discarded and I understand a car was stolen and crashed into the side of a resident’s vehicle, causing damage.

“A large window was also smashed at the day centre premises on Scottleton Street. The centre is a registered charity that will now likely face a large bill to repair a large window.

“The whole incident has been very upsetting for people and very much out of character for Presteigne, (which) is normally a lovely small town by day and night, with very low-level crime.

“I understand the police are investigating and we await any news from them.”

A Dyfed-Powys Police spokesperson said: “Officers are investigating the theft of a Ford Fiesta in the Townend area of Presteigne, as well as a number of reports of criminal damage in the town in the early hours of Monday, July 17. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Residents reported hearing “revving and speeding”, while one witness was alerted to his car alarm going off. When he went outside to investigate he discovered three of his vehicle’s windows had been smashed.

Others complained of finding their tyres slashed or wing mirrors broken. It is alleged one car was stolen and that car then crashed into others before hitting a grit bin in the Townend area of Presteigne, with three occupants allegedly seen fleeing the scene.

One local resident, reacting to a post on social media, described it as a "rampage".

Another whose vehicle was damaged during the carnage said: “It was around 11.40pm on Sunday when I heard some noise, it sounded like a car alarm coming from the other end of the estate.

County Times:

“I thought it was a personal attack at first. But as it got later into the night, I realised it was in fact a mass thing.

“Throughout the night there was lots of noise and lots of other people complained about slashed tyres, windows smashed or wing mirrors broken. Someone even had their car stolen and that was then crashed into others.

“Someone has been going on a spree and 20-30 people had their cars affected.

“Someone else said 4 people had been seen running from a car wearing masks.”