A WELSHPOOL man who sent threatening voice messages to his victim has had his court order extended.

Jack Lionel Davies sent the voice notes after police seized his car.

Part of the 24-year-old’s punishment for the February offence was to be fitted with a tag to monitor his alcohol intake, but Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard last week that he had breached the tag three times. On Tuesday, July 11, Davies admitted breaching the order.

He had called his victim a “dog rapist” on February 3, having sent a number of angry voice notes from the Wellington pub – also known as The Welly – in Welshpool, where he had agreed to meet his victim.

Court last week was told how Davies breached April’s community order by failing to comply with the alcohol abstinence and monitoring requirement by providing a low-level drinking event on May 25 and high level drinking events on June 1 and June 4.

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Probation officer Julian Davies said: “A 12-month community order was made on April 11, which included wearing an alcohol abstinence tag for 56 days.

“It also included 25 rehabilitation activity days. A final warning and breach letter were issued, which were discussed with the defendant.

“He accepts he shouldn’t have drunk alcohol. His compliance has been good and he’s engaged well on the order. There were delays starting his Kaleidoscope (drug and alcohol charity) appointments, which have now started.”


Acting for the defendant, of Berriew Street, Kiran Johal said: “Mr Davies is extremely disappointed to find himself in this situation and he has informed me he will not be returning to this court.

“On one occasion there had been a death of a family member. On other occasions there was a family event, but he knew he shouldn’t have been drinking. He drank because others were, so he had a few beverages.

County Times:

“He accepts he made a mistake. There have been no breaches since on the tag which has now ended.

“There have been a few blips but the monitoring has helped him reduce his alcohol intake and helped him take into account the order as a whole, which is positive. He is willing to accept any punishment.”

Magistrates added another five rehabilitation days to Davies’ order and ordered him to pay £60 costs.