A YOUNG Newtown woman has been handed a suspended prison sentence following a “savage" attack on a defenceless woman at a nightclub that left her victim with blood pouring from her head.

Serena Yapp, 23, bottled Megan Williams at the Steam Mill nightclub in the early hours of October 3 last year after her friend had become involved in an argument with the victim. Yapp was seen “lunging” at Ms Williams, striking her to the head with a VK bottle, which caused a gash to open up above the victim’s right eye.

Yapp had admitted a charge of unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent at her initial hearing, at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court, in June.

Mold Crown Court heard today (August 4) that in the aftermath of the attack, Ms Williams reported numbness down the side of her face, as well as in her arms and legs, as well as headaches and bouts of vomiting. Yapp, of Lon Eithin, Newtown, was reportedly so intoxicated she still doesn't remember striking her victim.


Judge Nicola Jones told Yapp she had been of the opinion that there were two blows instead of one, and said that had two blows been struck she would have had no hesitation in sending the defendant into immediate custody.

Instead, she ordered Yapp serve a term of 16 months in prison, but suspended it for a period of 18 months. She also ordered her to pay her victim £2,400 in compensation.

Prosecutor Rosemary Proctor said the attack happened in the Steam Mill’s smoking area at around 2.30am on October 3.

“CCTV footage shows the defendant lunging at Ms Williams who is seen holding her hand to the injury," she said. "The defendant is then seen kicking out at Ms Williams. She is seen being restrained by an unknown male. Blood was pouring from her head.”

A bandage was applied to Ms Williams’ head by the manager of the club, with Ms Williams then attending the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital with her boyfriend.

“She describes the pain as a pulsing pressure in her head, with the laceration beginning to sting at the hospital,” added Ms Proctor.

The defendant claimed to have no memory of having struck the victim when contacted by a relative of the victim online but, if she had done, she said she was sorry and “could not hate herself more”.

In a victim statement Ms Williams said: “I have been suffering with stress and anxiety, I’m anxious about coming across Serena when I’m out.

“It looks like I have a dent in my head and I wear make-up always when I go out. The incident is all people want to talk about, which I find all a bit overwhelming; being asked is a constant reminder of what happened.”

Dafydd Roberts, representing Yapp, admitted the attack “clearly” crossed the custody threshold, but asked the judge to draw back from an immediate period of imprisonment.

“She has no previous convictions, she has never come to the attention of the police," he said. "Her behaviour is very much out of character.

“Alcohol is an aggravating feature but she has realised her drinking has got out of control and she has since moderated her drinking."

Judge Jones told Yapp: “You used the bottle as a weapon. You were so intoxicated you could not even remember carrying out a savage attack on a defenceless woman.

“Having heard what’s been said about you, I believe you are worthy of a chance and I don’t for one minute think we will ever see you before the court again.”

Yapp must carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and will be excluded from licensed premises, including pubs and nightclubs, for 18 months. She must also pay a £156 surcharge.

Judge Jones also made a restraining order for two years.