A NEWTOWN woman will be sentenced in the crown court after she admitted bottling another woman on a night out.

Serena Yapp struck her victim with a bottle at the Steam Mill in the early hours of October 3 last year, which caused a significant facial injury and left the victim with a scar. Yapp, 23, had intervened in an altercation involving her friend in the venue’s smoking area.

Yapp, of Lon Eithin, Newtown, admitted a charge of unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent when she appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court this week.

Magistrates sitting in Welshpool on Tuesday, June 21, said they felt they did not have sufficient sentencing powers to deal with case in the lower court, so committed Yapp’s case to Mold Crown Court, where she will be sentenced next month.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said the victim was left with a wound above her eye which resulted in a large amount of blood being spilled.

“The incident happened at the Steam Mill in Newtown at around 2.30am,” she said.

“Megan Williams was with her boyfriend Ryan Groves, she had been drinking but can recollect the evening and the incident. She was with her friend Manon Jones outside, having a smoke.

“There was an altercation with a woman who she used to work with in Morrisons. This woman was shouting in her face. The defendant then became involved; she lunged towards Ms Williams with an orange-coloured glass bottle, bringing it down in a swiping motion above her head and connecting with the victim’s head.

“It was like a punch motion with a bottle instead of a first. Megan Williams felt a pulsing pressure in her head, there was a large amount of blood.

“Someone at the venue invited her inside and could see there was a deep, open cut on her forehead above the eye. He feared there was glass in her eye, he bandaged her up before telling her to go to hospital.”

She was forced to take a taxi to hospital as there was a delay in an ambulance getting to the scene.

Her wound was described as extending into the tissue, tendon or bone.

Ms Tench read out a victim impact statement, which said: “I want to feel safe when I go out in town. I don’t feel safe anymore, I was attacked for no reason.

“My appearance is important to me, I like to look nice. I’ve never suffered anxiety but am now afraid of going out and seeing Serena.”

Ms Tench said Yapp gave a no comment interview when arrested and had no record prior to this offence.

Owain Jones, representing Yapp, said his client had entered a guilty plea at the first opportunity.

“Clearly, there are aggravating features, including the use of a weapon and a facial injury, with scarring," he said.

“You come across grievous bodily harm cases that are far worse, but the injury is a worry for the complainant."

Magistrates said sentencing would be dealt with by the crown court in Mold. Yapp is due to appear there for sentence on Tuesday, July 5.