A NEWTOWN man has been ordered to pay £2,000 compensation to a victim he punched in a jealous rage after he’d walked his ex-girlfriend home.

Sakgarin Huadheng left his victim unable to recall what had happened to him other than he had come home “covered in blood” following the incident, which happened after a drunken night out last September.

Warehouse operative Huadheng, 24, was said to have been in a “crazy” and “toxic” relationship with his ex-girlfriend at the time and had become jealous after his victim had walked her home when it had been agreed that he would stay at her house.

Magistrates in Welshpool on Tuesday, March 22, ordered the defendant to pay £2,000 compensation for the assault after he admitted a charge of wounding, inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent on his victim.


Prosecutor Helen Tench said the assault had involved one punch and happened in the early hours of Sunday, September 26, 2021, following a night out in Newtown.

“A witness and the defendant were in a relationship at the time and both had been out in Newtown,” said Ms Tench.

“The complainant said he saw the witness, who he knows from school, and he went over a bridge to talk to her, but he can’t remember anything else other than coming home covered in blood.

“He was taken to hospital by his parents and later had a text from the woman apologising. He asked her what had happened and she said her boyfriend had assaulted him.

“The defendant said he was angry about the complainant walking her home and had punched him to the face."

The victim suffered a fractured wrist and a 2cm cut to his eye which required stitches.

In police interview Huadheng claimed he had struck first as "he thought the complainant was going to hit him", the court heard.

Acting for Huadheng, of Bontdulas, Newtown, Paul Inns said his client had no previous convictions.

“He was in a crazy relationship at the time," he said. "At the time he was at her house, they had been out separately in Newtown. He returned home and became concerned about her whereabouts; she’d struggled to get a taxi so he had offered to meet her, but she said she was walking home.

“Around two hours later he heard voices outside and he noticed that she had turned up with another young man, unfortunately. He assaulted the complainant; it was one single punch, there was no other means of assault.

“After he’d punched him he made sure he was alright before he returned back inside the house."

Probation officer Julain Davies told the court Huadheng had drunk six pints of cider that night, and called his girlfriend several times and asked if she wanted him to walk her home.

"She got back with another male and he says he saw red," he added.

“He said it was not normal behaviour for him and he wouldn’t have reacted had he not been drinking. He is ashamed and deeply regrets his actions and has shown remorse."

Chair of the bench, Cynthia McVey, told Huadheng: “This assault could very easily have carried a prison sentence.

“But, because you’ve shown remorse, we will deal with it via a community order.”

Magistrates issued a community order that will run for 12 months and involve Huadheng completing 200 hours of unpaid work. It will also include 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

In addition to the £2,000 compensation, magistrates also ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £95 surcharge – the defendant indicated that he would like to endeavour to pay the total amount within 28 days.