THERE will be major traffic disruption to any motorists travelling between the north and south of Powys as the A483 through Builth Wells will be closed overnight for several days next week.

Resurfacing works on the bridge over the River Wye at Builth will require the closure of the A483 between 7pm and 7am from next Tuesday, July 2, lasting for three nights, until Thursday, July 4.

It was believed the works would last six nights, until Saturday, with a road sign on the bridge showing the work will last until July 7. A post by Builth Wells Town Council on Facebook on Tuesday, June 25, also said the works will take place over six days.

However, Traffic Wales confirmed the timeline for the works is from July 2-4. It said the dates on the signs have now been amended to reflect these dates.

According to the national roadworks website, the work includes: “Resurfacing of the carriageway on the A483 over the existing bridge that crosses the River Wye and the landing area just south of the structure.

“The works will also include re-lining of the road markings through this section of the carriageway.”

The A483 is a busy intersection at Builth, with much traffic travelling between the north and south of Powys and Wales needing to travel via the bridge to reach their destinations.

It is not yet known if pedestrian access over the bridge will be maintained through the times the road will be closed.

During the closure periods traffic will be diverted as follows:

• A470 northbound – from southern closure point take A483 west to Beulah then B4358 northeast to Newbridge-On-Wye to rejoin the A470

A483 northbound (advanced diversion) – travelling northeast from Llandovery advise traffic of A483 & A470 closed in Builth Wells (access only) and divert traffic in Beulah onto the B4358 northeast to Newbridge-On-Wye and A470 southeast to rejoin the A483 in Llanelwedd

A470 southbound (advanced diversion) – travelling south from Rhayader advise traffic A470 closed in Llanelwedd (no access to Builth Wells) and divert traffic in Newbridge-On-Wye onto B4358 southwest to Beulah then take A483 to Llandovery and A40 east to Brecon to rejoin the A470

A483 southbound – at Llanelwedd roundabout take A470 north to Newbridge-On-Wye and divert traffic in Newbridge-On-Wye onto B4358 southwest to rejoin the A483 at Beulah