A Powys hotel has slammed inspectors after receiving a zero-star food hygiene rating – saying the public are welcome to come in and check the cleanliness of its kitchens.

The Lion Hotel in Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain has hit back at inspectors after receiving a zero-star food hygiene rating despite appealing the decision and being given the all clear.

In a statement the owners of the hotel said: “We at the Lion Hotel are shocked that a rating of zero has been published and we would like to assure the public that we are compliant with all aspects of food hygiene and safety, a visit by Powys officials on the May 11 confirmed this, we do not understand why a rating was not issued following that visit.

“In relation to the original visit, there were examples of learning which we have taken on board and immediately carried out necessary works.”


The initial report by Food Standards agency raised issues around cleanliness and out of date food.

Inspectors noted “the standard of cleanliness to the structure of the premises was generally very poor, with dirt and grease build up on surfaces, leaving them greasy to the touch, and food splatters on cupboard doors and equipment.

“The floor area to the side of the fryer in the kitchen had a thick build-up of fallen chips and grease, and the area to the side of the range had a thick build-up of grease, dirt and food debris.

“The level of cleanliness found were so poor that it would be difficult to spot any signs of pest activity.”

However, the hotel owners said that in the initial visit they were “unhappy with officers' approach and findings”

They added: “The only option was to go through the appeals process, which we did.

“The appeals process was not carried out correctly and has left us without a right to reply, the statutory guidelines are very clear and they are there to give ourselves a way to explain to our customers what actions have been taken to improve standards within our property since our inspection and to explain of any unusual circumstances at the premises during the time of inspection.

“This has led us to make and official complaint to the authority, as yet this has not been resolved.”

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The hotel is bullish about its record and has welcomed the public to see that their standards of their premises.

They added: “We are very proud of the food and service at The Lion Hotel and we have two other properties that currently carry a food hygiene rating of five, so the public can visit the property with confidence.

“We have an open-door policy and any member of the public that wishes to visit our kitchen, we would welcome this.

“We have been consistent in raising issues in relation to the visit and officers have continued to ignore and remain silent, however, we are determined to get a response so will continue down this road until a resolution has been reached.”