A canal bridge in Welshpool will undergo emergency repairs ahead of a larger rebuild scheduled for later this year.

A bridge on Berriew Road crossing Welshpool’s canal is once again in need of repairs amid a dispute over ownership and responsibility for fixing it.

At a meeting of the town council’s services and property committee, on May 15, operations manager Paul McGrath provided councillors with an update on their long standing goal to make long term improvements to the bridge, which serves as a walking route to Maes-y-dre.

Mr McGrath explained that temporary repairs to replace some broken treads on the bridge will be carried out soon, with plans for a larger repair job in the summer at an estimated cost of £10,000.

Cllr Nick Howells said: “I’ve discussed this with Paul at length and have been involved with this bridge for the past 12 months.


“You all know about the disagreements over who owns it or who’s responsible. But I think as a public service it needs to be done. This arguing needs to stop and we need to get the job done as a matter of public safety.

“Although I won’t be mayor anymore I’ll be happy to visit some local companies to try and get some sponsorship to get this job done for the good of the town.

“The decking on the bridge right now is so rotten and spongey that it could be deemed a danger so it desperately needs doing as soon as possible even if later repairs are scheduled.”

Mr McGrath added that the more long term repairs will involve replacing the rotting and dilapidated parts of the bridge with stainless steel fixtures that he says “should last 150 years”.

The council are reportedly hoping to get the work done during the summer, when footfall on the bridge is less active with fewer children and parents crossing the bridge as a route to local schools.

Cllr Richard Church added: “It would be really nice to get it done this summer but I would be willing to go to Powys County Council to see if we can get something out of them for funding or the Canal and Rivers trust.

"We’ll need to agree to the works with them anyway as they’ll have requirements over height and so forth for boats to pass under it. I’m happy to do whatever I can to support it.”