A woman had to have her broken leg set after falling in the Brecon Beacons waterfalls.

Rescue teams were called to the scene after a woman fell on the waterfall walks in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park on the Powys border on Friday (May10) – leading to a break so severe the bone was sticking out of the leg.

The woman appears to have fallen while hiking in the famous beauty spot and was found by the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team in an “interesting position” and they called in assistance from the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team and the Western Beacons Mountain Rescue Team.

They then had to set the leg with only basic pain relief and the teams were impressed with the woman’s strength throughout her ordeal.


A spokesperson for the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue team said: “On arrival at scene team members found the casualty in an interesting position with an open fracture to the lower leg.

“Recognising the challenging extraction that was going to be needed and being a bit low numbers we requested some assistance from our neighbours Western Beacons Mountain Rescue Team and Brecon Mountain Rescue Team who were both able to send a few team members along.

County Times:

“Fair dues to the young lady who was in a significant amount of pain. Once some basic analgesia was administered by our Casualty Carers we were able to straighten and splint the affected limb ahead of the extraction by stretcher.

“Some stronger pain relief and medication was then given by the helicopter’s winchman paramedic prior to the carry out to the top of the gorge to the awaiting WAST ambulance for onwards transfer to hospital.”

Further complications arose when the rescue helicopter encountered mechanical issues and had to return to base meaning the crews had to find an alternative way of getting her to safety.

A spokesperson for the Brecon Mountain Rescue team said: “As the casualty was in a precarious position, Brecon members kitted up in water rescue equipment to extract the casualty to safety. The casualty was then stretchered up to an awaiting ambulance.

“Good job to the gorge leaders, who did all the right things to make the casualty comfortable until help arrived. We wish them a swift recovery.”

The Central team added: “We hope the injury turns out to not be too complicated and wish the casualty a speedy recovery from what was an unfortunate end to their weeks holiday in the area.

“This saw some great inter-team and interagency cooperative working.

“Shout out to the lady’s partner who remained with her throughout and also to Dave and Rob, the two instructors who helped greatly carrying equipment between the bankside and casualty site.

“Finally, our thanks to the helicopter’s paramedic who remained with us and the casualty having been ‘abandoned’ when the aircraft developed a technical issue and had to return base, (not that he had a lot of choice). We ensured he was safely returned to the aircraft’s base once the incident concluded.”