A mum described as being of “impeccable character”, has been allowed to keep her driving licence despite a speeding offence taking her to 15 points.

Annie Rose Evans, 27, had pleaded guilty to a charge of speeding near Newtown in August last year, but she took her case to Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, April 30, as she wanted to put forward a special reasons argument as to why she should not be banned.

Evans was caught driving her Vauxhall Crossland on the B4568 at Llanllwchaiarn at 42 miles an hour on August 29, 2022, in a 30mph zone.

She admitted speeding but argued that more points on her licence would cause exceptional hardship for her as she is a single mother and would lose her job if she were banned.


Magistrates heard Evans’ case had previously been before them but that they had been unable to deal with it in her absence as she already had nine points for previous offences of speeding and driving while using a mobile phone.

Rob Hanratty, acting for Evans, of Llanllwchaiarn, said: “She is a lady of impeccable character.

“She has a couple of blemishes on her driving record. She has a good work record, she is in full time employment at a kennels."

Addressing the court herself, Evans said she would be forced to move away from the area and would lose her job if she lost her licence.

County Times:

Magistrates told Evans they agreed that she would be caused exceptional hardship and they spared her a ban.

They gave Evans an additional 6 points – meaning she now has 15 on her licence – and warned her to be careful.

They fined her £80, handed her a £32 surcharge and told her to pay £90 costs.