A POWYS teenager has seen his court order for sending menacing Snapchat images of him holding a meat cleaver to another teen extended.

Troy Jason Manuel, 19, was only handed the onerous 18-month community order for his “outrageous” behaviour in February, but was back at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, April 30, for breaching the order – due to missing unpaid work sessions.

Manuel, who also goes by the surname Cummings, was told at his sentencing hearing earlier this year that he was close to being jailed for the offence.

Manuel sent various Snapchats to his teenage victim, who cannot be named, and also said he would get someone else to assault the complainant.


The photos sent and threats made by Manuel were discovered after the teen reported the incident to police the following day.

Manuel previously pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing a bladed article. The incident occurred on January 19, 2023, in the Maesowen area of Welshpool.

One of the images showed him wearing black gloves and holding a meat cleaver. Another was sent with the cleaver on his lap.

The victim’s brother saw the defendant pull up at their home address, then saw him get back in the car.

Police went to Manuel’s address, at Criggion Lane, Trewern, and the cleaver was located in his bedroom.

Manuel was told to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, but magistrates heard on April 30 how he had missed two of those, on March 13 and 27.

Manuel admitted the breach. Probation officer Julian Davies said: “He was given the opportunity to supply evidence for the absences.

“He has re-engaged with the order, attending five office appointments and five unpaid work appointments, completing over 20 hours of unpaid work.”

County Times:

Rob Hanratty, representing Manuel, said the reason for the two missed appointments was because his client had twice been waiting at the bus stop for a bus that never arrived, so he left.

“He wasn’t aware he was being breached but he understands the order and wants to cooperate,” said Mr Hanratty.

“He is unemployed at moment, but is usually employed as a car valeter.”

Magistrates added 5 additional rehabilitation days on to Manuel’s order and also told him to pay £60 costs.