A DRUNK wedding guest assaulted the bride – who is his niece – on the weekend she got married.

Scotsman David Cullen was in Powys for the wedding of Alison Jones, his niece, last September. He appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court this week where he admitted drunkenly assaulting Mrs Jones – as well as his own sister and brother-in-law.

Cullen, 51, was described as “absolutely raging” during the incident, which happened on Sunday, September 24.

Cullen described the incident as just a “wee fallout” with groom Daniel Jones, who he repeatedly threatened to kill.

He threatened to break his sister’s jaw and at one point was seen to rip off his shirt, “strut” around the room and challenge people to fight him, telling them “I’m a hard man”.

Cullen, of Magpie Way, Perth, in Scotland, admitted three assaults at court on Tuesday, April 30, on Mrs Jones, his sister Jacqueline Waugh and her husband David Waugh. Two charges of threatening behaviour were withdrawn.


Prosecutor Stephen Davies said the incident unfolded as part of the wedding celebrations, at the Glyngynwydd Wedding Barn venue near Llangurig, over the September 24 weekend.

“The defendant was at the wedding of his niece, Alison Jones,” said Mr Davies.

“The wedding was fine, there was no incident, but all parties had attended a rehearsal the night before.

“Jacqueline Waugh said people had been drinking into the early hours of September 24.

“The defendant had hurt his knee and had been helped back to his accommodation.

“As she was getting ready for bed she saw he had returned to a communal area; she saw the defendant shouting at people.

“He made threats to Daniel Jones (the groom), telling him ‘I’ll carve your face up and chew your face off’. His anger was directed to males, so she stepped in to intervene.

“She described him as extremely angry. He repeatedly said he was going to kill Daniel Jones.”

Mr Davies said Cullen punched another guest, before his sister took him away.

“There was then another commotion, he came back and was being aggressive to another guest,” said Mr Davies.

“He was described as ‘absolutely raging’. David Waugh described him as ‘jumpy’ and curling his fists.

“He ripped off his shirt and began strutting around the room. He was heard to say ‘Come out if you want a fight, I’m a hard man’.

“He threatened to break Jacqueline Waugh’s jaw, then pushed her over. Alison Jones said he threatened her.”

The police were called and Cullen appeared calm and compliant when they arrived.

County Times:

Mr Davies said Cullen told officers he didn’t think he threatened anyone. “He said he had ‘a wee fallout with Daniel’,” said Mr Davies.

“He said he drank eight or nine pints of cider and doesn’t normally drink. Jacqueline said she was genuinely terrified and that he looked intent on wanting to kill Daniel.”

Mr Davies said Mrs Jones had asked for a restraining order against her uncle, who has no recent previous matters on his record.

Rob Hanratty, acting for Cullen, described the incident as “entirely out of character”.

“There had been a lot of drinking going on over the two days,” said Mr Hanratty.

“He doesn’t drink often as he’s a lorry driver. He had more to drink than he could cope with, but so had many others. He is very embarrassed and remorseful.”

Mr Hanratty said his client had committed the assaults, while actually dealing with his own serious injury at the wedding.

“He broke his leg at this event,” said Mr Hanratty.

“It was an unpleasant incident but it was mainly injury to feelings, he was the only one who suffered an actual physical injury. Emotions were running high."

“His sister reflects on the fact she doesn’t really want to see him prosecuted.”

Magistrates fined Cullen £800 and told him to pay a £320 surcharge and £85 costs. They ordered no compensation and did not issue a restraining order.