FIREFIGHTERS in Powys have said they will respond to any unattended bonfires, following concerns raised that a “smouldering” fire was left unattended in the town

A post appeared on the Presteigne notice board Facebook page over the weekend, raising concerns for pets and children, after an unattended fire was discovered in Wents Meadow, Presteigne, on Sunday morning.

One local resident posted a photo of the remnants of what possibly might have been a barbecue, saying: “Warning to dog walkers and children. Someone has had a bonfire in the field next to Wents Meadow and left it smouldering with no cordon round it.

“You can feel the heat coming off it as you walk by. Would hate for a dog or child to run through the pile of ashes.”


In an update posted later on, the same person wrote: “Comment from Presteigne Fire Station: ‘The fire service will respond to any unattended bonfires if called'.”

In the wake of the incident, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MWWFRS) has reiterated calls for people to be responsible with open fires, especially with the weather becoming drier.

MWWFRS launched its #WildfireWise campaign this week, as during the summer, grass and mountains can become very dry, which means if you deliberately or accidentally start a fire outdoors it will spread very quickly, destroying everything in its path. 

The damage to the surrounding landscape and the effect on historic features, habitats and wildlife largely goes unrecognised.

The Wales Wildfire Board is encouraging you to be #wildfirewise this spring and summer.

“The spring and summer month carries with them a real set of dangers if you do not follow practical and correct safety advice appropriate for this time of year,” read a statement.

“The Wales Wildfire Board and encouraging everyone to be wildfire wise and commit to simple precautions and a little extra care will ensure we can continue to enjoy our beautiful countryside and keep our communities safe from the devastating effects of wildfire.

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“In 2023 fire services across Wales attended 1,880 grassfire incidents – this was a decrease of 45 per cent on the previous year with deliberate grass fires decreasing by 1,059 (45 per cent) to 1,301.

“The Wales Wildfire Board want to work with communities to build a healthier and more resilient countryside and to develop a more biodiverse countryside for the future.

“Our #wildfirewise campaign aims to educate individuals on the best practices for avoiding and preventing wildfires in Wales.”

For wildfire and open fire safety advice, visit here.