A GOLF club in Powys has expressed anger after one of its greens was damaged over the weekend – by what they believe could be remote control cars.

Machynlleth Golf Club posted a picture of the green on its fifth hole at course, which shows scores of double track marks across it.

The marks appear to be that of a vehicle, but not anything as heavy as a car, motorcycle or vehicle that carries passengers.

The club, located on the outskirts of town on the A489 approach, posted a picture and message on its Facebook page early on Sunday morning, April 21, expressing frustration.

“Sad to find that some people had been out with what we think are remote control cars last night on our 5th green,” read the post.

“Could we ask people to please keep off the greens? If you only knew how much time, effort and hard work our volunteers put into getting these greens and the course to the fantastic condition it’s in (at the moment) you’d understand how upsetting it is to wake up and find this damage.”