A ROW over a broken poppadum resulted in a young mum headbutting another woman in a Powys pub.

Libby Boland, 23, was seen on CCTV attacking Sasha Williams in Newtown’s Black Boy pub on March 10.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday, April 2, that the incident occurred after the victim had walked past the table where Boland was sitting with her partner and his mother and, as a “fun gesture”, put her hands in the food Boland's partner - who was known to the victim but had not been in a relationship with him - was eating.

NOTE: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Ms Williams was the man's ex-partner. We have been contacted to clarify that this was not the case and we are happy to correct this issue.

Boland told police she attacked Ms Williams as it “wouldn’t have been right not to defend him”.

Boland was subject to a community order at the time of the offence, and admitted a charge of assault at last week’s hearing.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said the victim had approached Boland and her partner at the Broad Street pub.


“The victim broke a poppadum on her (Boland) boyfriend’s plate; the defendant and her partner took issue with this,” said Mrs Tench.

“The defendant then assaulted the complainant while she was sat at a table with her friend.”

CCTV footage played in court showed Boland walking through the pub, then returning to where she’d come from. When she returns into shot a second time she approaches Ms Williams and attacks her, grabbing her by her hair.

“The victim sustained injuries, including a lump to the head, and was shaken up,” said Mrs Tench.

“Looking at the CCTV she accepted the headbutt. She said her boyfriend had been provoked, and it wouldn’t have been right not to defend him.”

Representing Boland, of Lon Derw, Newtown, Paul Inns said his client had fully admitted the assault.

“There is no excuse for her behaviour, she realises she shouldn’t have done it,” said Mr Inns.

“In the footage, it doesn’t show she was sat with her boyfriend and his mother enjoying a meal.

County Times: “The complainant walked past and decided to put her finger into the meal. There was no need for it, she says she meant it as a fun gesture."

Mr Inns added: “She is already subject to a community order in Cheshire. She has since moved to Newtown and has had meetings with probation in Newtown.”

Probation officer Carl Atkinson said Boland had been handed a 24-month community order with an alcohol tag requirement just under a year ago.

Sarah Sargent, chair of the bench, told Boland: “If you ever have to come back to court you’ll be facing a custodial sentence.

“You need to put effort into controlling your actions, consider your daughter. You are an adult and need to act like one.”

Magistrates added another 10 rehabilitation days to her order and told her to pay a £120 fine, £114 surcharge and £85 costs.

They also ordered her to pay £100 compensation to Ms Williams.