A POWYS man has been told he is in the “last chance saloon” after he breached a court order for a second time.

Dominic Owen Grant, 25, appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court last week, where he admitted breaching a community order handed to him by the same court just two months ago.

Grant, of Castle Walk, Welshpool, admitted failing to comply with the requirements of a community order when he appeared last Tuesday, April 2.

Grant breached the order by failing to attend a planned office appointment as instructed on February 22 and then failing to attend unpaid work on March 3.


In February, Grant had been resentenced following a breach of the original order he was handed in April 2023, after stealing, joyriding, then abandoning his aunt’s BMW in Welshpool in December 2022.

The court previously heard he had lost his father in the months leading up to the original offence.

In February the court heard he had been struggling with a drug habit, which had resulted in him being forced out of the family home and losing his job.

“He was on a final warning. He said he had a job trial. He failed to provide any evidence or any explanation for the absence,” said probation officer Carl Atkinson.

“At his induction in February he said he would provide evidence for his non-attendance. He has attended two appointments, including the induction and one phone appointment.

“He contacted the office the day before saying he was unwell. He is yet to commence any unpaid work hours.

County Times:

“There was previous non-compliance on another order, for which this new order was made.”

Geraint Parry, acting for Grant, said: “He was genuinely ill in earlier part of the year, he had Covid, but he was not able to get hold of evidence as the doctor’s refused to see him.

“He admits more could have been done. He has had issues with addiction to hard drugs, but there is hope.”

Sarah Sargent, chair of the bench, told Grant he was in the “last chance saloon” as they extended his current order by 30 additional unpaid work hours. He must also pay £65 costs.