BUILTH Wells residents have just one week to voice their opinions to their local authority over proposals to overhaul parking and waiting times in the town.

Powys County Council (PCC) announced last September it had launched a review of parking in Builth following a number of safety issues being identified in recent years.

A consultation period over introducing the new parking restrictions and prohibition of driving in certain areas of the town centre and residential areas came into effect last Wednesday, March 27, and closes next Wednesday, April 10.

A report has targeted 14 specific areas in the town where specialist residents parking will come into force or additional parking restrictions will be implemented.


The areas concerned are Western Grove, Hospital Road, Cae Castell, North Road, Oaklands Crescent and Oaklands, Market Street and Castle Road, Bank Square, Cwrt-y-Castell, Brecon Road, Groe Street, Garth Road and Park Road.

If implemented, changes would include prohibition of waiting at any time on sections of Oaklands Crescent, Oaklands, Western Grove, Hospital Road, Cae Castell, North Road,

Castle Road, Bank Square, Cwrt-y-Castell, Garth Road and Park Road.

There would also be a three-hour parking limit for disabled badge holders on sections of North Road and Broad Street; a prohibition of waiting, loading/unloading at any time on sections of Broad Street; loading/unloading only on sections of The Strand, High Street and Pendre; one-hour limited waiting times on Broad Street, with permit holders exempt on Market Street and Castle Road; and a prohibition of driving for all vehicles along Groe Street.

The parking review report stated that inconsiderate parking within the town has increased over the years and is causing obstructions and safety concerns, with motorists abusing certain areas specifically.

County Times:  A map containing areas in Builth being looked at by the parking review. A map containing areas in Builth being looked at by the parking review. (Image: Powys County Council)

Groe Street – a small pedestrianised alley between the White Horse and White Hart pubs, which is often used by vehicles for deliveries – has become a particular safety issue.

Locals, however, are fearful; they worry the impending restrictions will affect local businesses and also lead to an overspill of traffic in other areas of Builth.

Commenting on a Builth Wells Town Council Facebook post announcing the consultation period, Christina Evans said: “I truly hope this doesn't kill off the town trade, when our High Street is looking so fantastic now.

“They do this in Brighton and it's fine in big (cities) but does Powys really think this is going to help our little town survive with money so hard to find in this economy?”

Del Carter asked: “Are they trying to kill Builth off completely?”

Susie Stockton-Link added: “I fear it'll kill off a number of shops. Hairdressers take more than an hour to do some treatments.”

David Sutherland said: “This set of restrictions is likely to make it worse for those of us who live near town.”

Mayor Mark Hammond said the town council will discuss the issue at its April meeting.

In November the town council raised four major concerns with the proposals, including: the displacement of vehicles to other parts of the town not affected by the proposals, cost to residents for proposed parking permits if imposed (PCC charges £370 per year for annual permits to park in its car parks); they said proposals for no waiting/no loading or unloading areas needed further scrutiny; and they were concerned how proposals will affect visitors and tourism.

Full details of the draft order and plan identifying which sections of roads are affected, in addition to the council's reasons, can be examined at County Hall in Llandrindod Wells or online at https://en.powys.gov.uk/trafficconsult.

Objections and other representations must be sent via email to traffic@powys.gov.uk or in writing to: Traffic and Travel Manager, County Hall, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG, by next Wednesday, April 10.